Monday, February 25, 2013

Week 8: Walk the furthest distance I've ever traveled on foot

Task #8: Walk the furthest distance I've ever traveled on foot

What is it: Again, just what it says

Why I haven't done it: When you think about it, I actually have walked the further distance I've ever traveled on foot. Several times, in fact. Of course, I haven't set out to do it--it just happened a number of times.

What I hope to accomplish: Get some fresh air and exercise. Maybe make this an annual thing.

What my plan is: Have to first figure out the furthest I've walked before. The leading contenders are a day of hiking in Seoul, another long walk through the city, and one particularly long route while pushing the kids in the stroller this past summer. I actually took Fitness Walking in college for one of my gym requirements--once we get estimates of the other routes, we'll see how it compares. Screenshots of me mapping the various routes are forthcoming. Then I just need to find time this week to go. I need to get out--feeling a little confined indoors.

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