Saturday, January 26, 2013

Week 4: Design a Dungeon Crawl

Task #24: Design a dungeon crawl

What it is: Design a classic dungeon for pen-and-paper play, a la Dungeons and Dragons (but with the Pathfinder rules)

Why I haven't done it: I enjoy playing pen-and-paper RPGs, and particularly like playing the Game Master. In that role, I get to be the host for the event, laying out and describing an adventure for the game's players to explore and enjoy. However, between my own inexperience and the quality of pre-generated materials available, I've mostly kept to running other people's materials. With a little more experience under my belt, I feel it's time to make my own creation.

What I hope to accomplish: It's a modest project, true, but it's something that I'll have to go through multiple cycles on. Anyone can just roll on a bunch of random tables out of the rulebook to put "something" together for people to play, but I want to make something better.

What my plan is: Given the problems with last week, I'm going to start including a first-draft plan for the week. I've already been doing some extra reading and jotting down ideas today. Tonight and tomorrow I'll start mapping out some specific rooms and mapping the main flow of the areas. At that point, it'll be down to putting specific monsters and traps into different areas, and balancing them with enough places to rest. Then time to double-check my math and generate the full layout with a mapping tool.

Seriously, guys, this one's going to be fun.

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