Sunday, February 17, 2013

Week 7: Start a physical photo album with 100 of my favorite photos.

Task #5: Start a physical photo album with 100 of my favorite pictures

What it is: Just what it says.

Why I haven't done it: Because like everyone else, I can (and do) take endless pictures and make sure that they're stored to the cloud (which one, I can't always remember), but everything is digital. Because digital is newer, and newer is better, so why make something physical?

What I hope to accomplish: This is a nice little project that will hopefully result in a family coffee table book, which will also soak me eyeball-deep in nostalgia while I do it.

What my plan is: I've already ordered the album (this one) and can start looking through pictures in the next day or two. Hopefully by Wednesday I'll have a good draft set and can start piling them onto a memory card to head over to Target for printing. The nice thing is that the album I got has lots of room for more pictures, so we can add to it over time.

All in all, a nice change of pace from last week.

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