Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Back on the Horse

Or is it a bicycle I'm supported to be getting back on? They both have saddles, though often times on bicycles they're called "seats". Ah, that's it--I'm back in the driver's seat. No, that's a car metaphor, unless it's some kind of tandem bike...

What? Oh, I'm talking about blogging again.

Things haven't gone quite as I had originally imagined when I first came back to the keyboard. I had an idea of starting the new year with a list of things that I wanted to get done, and going about them one at a time. I was hoping to keep at it in a fairly public way to try to keep me in line. Unfortunately, I realized that there were, in fact, some very good reasons why I hadn't done a lot of these things before:

Pictured (left to right): Reason #2, Reason #1, Reason Yet to Be Numbered
Which has made it difficult to keep a number of things going. Something else I noticed (very interestingly): I'm really much more interested in food/kitchen blogging.

No, you say. Knock me over with a feather.

It occurred to me around the time that I noticed I was doing three or four times the number of posts (don't even get me started on the total volume) on food and kitchen than about the supposed "goal" of this blog. Actually, no, that's not right--that's just when I accepted it. I noticed it almost immediately, given how effortlessly I was able to pour out guides on recipes and cooking compared to any other topic.

So on the one hand I do feel bad that my little experiment fizzled (though, hey, I made it a lot further than most do with their New Year's Resolutions--remember way back when you had one of those?). On the other hand, I hope to draw some strength from the fact that I'm willing to admit it didn't work, withdraw, and move forward in a new direction, rather than either giving up or continuing this week-in, week-out pile-on of goals on which I make very little progress.

I've decided to keep the list--just about everything on there really is something I want to do, and I feel like there's value in keeping it up and hopefully knocking one down every now and then (am still trying to figure out how to put together a smoker rig based on spare parts).

In the meantime, there are a bunch of food posts I've got to write (seriously, I can't believe how many I had started in draft form but never wrapped up), as well as some other topics to fill some space. Thankfully for all of us, Reason #3 (né Reason Yet to Be Numbered) is turning out to be less of a handful than her older siblings (still a very relative term), which should let me maintain some sense of regular postings.

On the horse. Or bicycle. Or whatever.

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