Friday, February 08, 2013

Time for a Recap

Things have been busy this week , and honesty this week's task hasn't exactly been inspiring a lot of commentary along the way. Worse, of course, is the fact that anything I can think of putting out there is something I'd really rather not put out there, given the fact that it could help someone guess my password at some point.

Yeah, yeah, overly paranoid, but I really don't see the point in distributing how I'm going to create secure passwords that are easily memorable to me without writing them down.


I will share one tip I thought of years ago, which has yet to fail me: a false answer to a security question. Not the password itself, of course, but to those questions like "What's your favorite ice cream?" when you need to reset your password. The problem with them is that if someone is dedicated to hacking into your life for whatever reason, the answers to a lot of those questions can be fairly easy to figure out. For example, some young kid hacker into Sarah Palin's Yahoo account during the '08 campaign by guessing the name of her High School (I'll give you a hint: she grew up in Wasilla, Alaska...).

So what do you do? Have a fake answer that you don't share with anyone.

Born in New York? Tell all these websites that you're from Cleveland. Anyone who knows you or finds out some information about you won't know the answer. And, of course, if someone did manage to hack into a system and gather your answers to these questions, you're not any worse off than if you had used your real information.

Hmm... yeah, probably could have posted earlier in the week with that tidbit and then given an update today on last week's task. Oh well.

P.S. I'm closing in on completing the dungeon crawl. I keep getting distracted because I'm putting too much time into concepts for the first idea I had, but I've got a basic layout done and now I just need to fill it with some monsters and draw it up on Pyromancers (amazing free tool). Will hopefully have it out for some playtesting soon.

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