Saturday, February 09, 2013

Week 6: Create a last will and testament

Task #12: Create a last will and testament

What it is: Create my last will and testament, as well as any other related plans

Why I haven't done it: Because I keep thinking I have a lot of time to get this done because I'm young and nothing bad ever happens to young people and I'm definitely not getting old which is when you need to think about grown-up things like this.

What I hope to accomplish: Realize how many silly statements I packed into that last sentence.

What my plan is: Figure out what special steps need to be taken now (and which ones will need to be updated later). Will probably want to look into the details of life insurance and other similar products, especially the ones offered through work.

Definitely going to be a fun task, this.

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Robert Shabkie said...

I agree with you with writing a last will and testament. It's conventional to think that only those whose time on earth is drawing near can write his or her last will and testament. It'd be wise to do it as early, especially if one has a large family. It's not something to be scared about as it will prepare your family's future. And this should give you peace of mind.

-- Robert @